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Shelter WishList

The Shelter WishList is an easy to use online service for raising money, engaging volunteers, and expanding your shelter’s community outreach. You can quickly create a colorful online catalog of items you need, and visitors to your website can browse and make donations online. It's fun.
Most shelters have a wish list page, but it's just a list. Consider how many adoptions you would get if you only listed the name of each animal with no photo or description. What the Shelter WishList does is “merchandise” your entire shelter, everything from supplies, to volunteers, foster care, and medical needs.


Instead of a generic plea for volunteers, the Shelter Wishlist makes it easy to create compelling volunteer opportunities with words, pictures, job descriptions and schedules. You can explain what experience or training is needed for each position, and with a click of a mouse, volunteers can sign up and become a part of your mission.
Shelter WishLislt
  • 24/7 Fundraising
  • Online payment system
  • Branded for your shelter
  • Displays on Facebook
  • Integrates into your website
  • Social networking support
  • Honorariums and Memorials
  • Consignment Sales
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Donation and volunteer reports
  • Membership donation levels
  • Custom widget generator
  • Promotional material
  • No software installation

Consignment Sales

Millions of dollars of furniture, jewelry, and cars are donated to charities like Goodwill. You can share in those donations using the online Shelter WishList consignment store. People can enter items for sale and indicate the percentage they'll donate to your shelter. You get the financial benefits of a consignment store without the overhead. You can also sell your own merchandise, like t-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs and tote bags.


The Shelter WishList will help you start, or expand your Friends of the Shelter group. It encourages people to join, and when they do, it offers them a variety of membership and donation levels.


Everything goes on Facebook. All of your Wishes, Volunteer Opportunities, Friends Group, Special Needs, Memorials, Adoptions, Consignments, and Shelter Merchandise appear on your Facebook page.