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(Wish 2332, Medical)
Support needed for our most vulnerable
This year, we have seen an enormous amount of puppies and kittens born and/or surrendered to the shelter. These tiny ones need multiple rounds of shots, worming, spays & neuters, 24/7 care from a growing foster network and TLC for mom requiring extra kennel staff and veterinary care. In many cases, the mother's health is already compromised, making their care even more difficult. Take Cadie, for example. She was found chained to a fence and abandoned, pregnant with very little hope. She is heartworm positive and gave birth to seven puppies just this week. Days earlier, Sharon - who was surrendered with a severe skin condition and severely malnourished - gave birth to 14 puppies. On top of that, we had a record amount of kittens in foster care this year. It's been a year for the babies - and we need your help with the costs and to continue their care. This holiday season, please consider a donation to support our most vulnerable.
Estimated cost: $10,000.00
Contact: Humane Society of Pulaski County 14600 Colonel Glenn Road Little Rock, AR 72210
80 people have donated $5,020.00 

$4,980.00 is needed to complete this wish.
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