(Wish 432)
Generate Some Love!
This is a big, important wish. It's not very glamorous, but we NEED a generator. A power outage at the shelter could be devastating to our animals. If we lost power on a cold winter night it would get too cold for our puppies and kitties very quickly. We also need power to properly anesthetize during spay/neuter surgeries. Loss of power at a particularly bad time could cause a tragedy. Not to mention, thousands of dollars worth of vaccines and diagnostic tests would be unusable after refrigerators shut off. These are disasters that we need to be able to avoid! Please help if you can! The puppies and kitties thank you!!
Estimated cost: $6,000.00
13 people have donated $741.00 
Your donation can help dogs like Moto (pictured) get the medical help they need - immediately! Moto was adopted from our shelter in July of 2014.
(Wish 1577)
On-Going Medical Needs
Pets enter the shelter every day, and often they have emergency medical needs that must be taken care of immediately. When this happens, we rely on our donation fund to cover the costs of emergency visits to the vet, and those costs can quickly add up! Donating for on-going medical needs helps us to give each shelter pet what it needs without the wait!
Estimated cost: $5,000.00
Contact: animalcontrol@cityofbryant.com
(Wish 2234)
Rescues from Hoarding Need Your Help
Recently we were involved in a rescue of animals who had been dumped on a rural property for years with little care or socialization. Currently our lucky seven are recovering under our care and we are expecting the possibility of more from that same property. Years of neglect have left these animals with severe intestinal parasites including heartworms, as well as many injuries from living in a pact. Some have even more serious issues requiring surgery and long-term care. Rufus (not pictured) is still in intensive care at a local veterinarian after receiving life-saving-emergency surgery. Right now our goal is to tend to their medical issues and create a trust with humans so they can be adopted and live as pets should. Please consider a donation to help with vaccinations, spays/neuters, skin issues, heartworm treatment and critical care. Are shelter animals worth it? Ask anyone that has adopted one.
Estimated cost: $5,000.00
41 people have donated $5,007.50 
(Wish 2314)
Memorial Donations
A donation in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to honor them. A memorial donation to the Casper Humane Society allows us to continue helping the animals in this community. **Please let us know who the donation is in memory of. Thank you.
Estimated cost: $5,000.00
59 people have donated $5,067.12 
(Wish 2109)
Six Sick Dogs
Six Dogs Need Your Help Today Sometimes the Universe deals HSPC a bad hand of cards, but lately the entire deck seems stacked against us. Our goal has always been is to help those that others do not, but we need your help to fulfill that mission. Today, four sick puppies were dropped off at our shelter enclosed in a plastic container. They tested positive for Parvo, a deadly and extremely contagious disease. To protect the other 250+ puppies and adult dogs at our facility, the puppies had to be sent to an outside veterinary clinic for intensive care and isolation. Barney, a one year old Bassett Hound, was found on a median in the middle of I-40. He was starving, full of internal parasites and suffering from Ehrlichia and Heartworm disease. Ranger, a sweet Collie, was brought to us last fall with heavy heartworms. Unfortunately, he had an adverse reaction to his heartworm treatment and it was discovered that he had kidney issues as well. He needed round the clock care but, winter weather conditions made this impossible at our shelter so he spent four days in an afterhours emergency care hospital. The estimated cost of the care and treatment of these six precious animals is $4,500. Please consider donating to their life-saving care.
Estimated cost: $4,500.00
75 people have donated $4,500.00 
Merrin and Mariya Need Help for the Holidays
(Wish 2063)
Merrin and Mariah Need Help for the Holidays
Merrin is a 6 month old black lab with an intense neurological condition. To further understand how we can help Merrin Dr. Medlock needs to request a CT Scan and Spinal Tap. The testing will cost over $2,000 but it will help us further understand the exact cause of Merrin's pain. Mariah is an adult Shar Pei experiencing painful ear infections. The corrective surgery for Mariah will mean removing the outer, middle, and inner ear to prevent these painful chronic ear infections from coming back. This surgery will unfortunately leave Mariah without hearing and will cost the shelter up to $2,000.
Estimated cost: $4,000.00
28 people have donated $4,000.00 
(Wish 2323)
Will you help these three pups with a little more than Summer Blues?
Larcy, a sweet shepherd pup was brutally attacked by another dog crushing her shoulder and breaking her leg. The after effects on her body from such an event were gruesome, but we fought to save her life which meant a radical amputation of the leg and most of the shoulder. She's not out of the woods, but her lovable spirit drives us to continue her follow up care. Baxter is an 8 year old terrier mix found abandoned in a city park with pelvic fractures and a dislocated hip. He needs FHO surgery. Ivar is a 6 month old super friendly lab mix found by a woman who was fishing. She noticed he had difficulty walking. Later x-rays revealed a severely broken leg, requiring a pin or plate to repair. Orthopedic issues are expensive and require extended healing time. At HSPC, we are all about providing time, but we could use a little financial help for the medical treatment of these very sweet dogs. Will you donate today?
Estimated cost: $4,000.00
Contact: Humane Society of Pulaski County 14600 Colonel Glenn Road Little Rock, AR 72210
45 people have donated $4,905.00 
(Wish 2140)
Sweet Pepsi needs our help for a Critical Surgery
It is very understandable for dogs in severe pain to react with aggression to its handlers or at least prefer to be left alone. Not true with this little angel who was abandoned in a laundry basket severely injured. It appears that this little guy was hit by a car fracturing several bones in his legs and pelvis. Though in agony, Pepsi wags his tail and tries to stand anytime someone approaches or talks to him. He was placed on antibiotics and heavy pain medication when he arrived, and is scheduled for surgery today. Because of its complications, this procedure will cost approximately $3600. Please help us raise the money for this precious pup! Speaking of precious, here are two of the three surviving Parvo puppies (Nala & Mya) your compassionate donations helped us save recently. Because the Universe brings us its desperate weekly, we depend on the kindness of our friends to help us provide for their critical care.
Estimated cost: $3,600.00
Contact: Humane Society of Pulaski County 14600 Colonel Glenn Road Little Rock, AR 72210
36 people have donated $3,728.00 
(Wish 1635)
Privacy Fencing
Journey's End original 8 foot high privacy fence of 80 sections needs replacing due to rotting along ground level. Each panel costs $37.00.
Estimated cost: $2,960.00
36 people have donated $2,960.00 
Please watch the video of this determined young dog, Thank you
(Wish 913)
Trouper wants to run again!
Trouper, a friendly 5 month old pit bull was brought our shelter by a Good Samaritan. He was unable to use his back legs but, bless his heart, overcame this by learning to walk on his front legs. He was taken to a local Vet where he was examined and x-rays taken. The Veterinarian was astonished by how severe his injuries were. It appears the pup was hit by a car over a month ago and had not received any veterinary care or pain management. “The pain must have been and still is excruciating,” said the doctor. For him to have a comfortable life, he needs an amputation of one of his rear legs and surgery to repair the other. Please watch the video and help this special guy today as this is his only hope.
Estimated cost: $2,750.00
51 people have donated $2,750.00 
Charlotte Needs Your Help!
(Wish 1815)
Please Help Charlotte!
Charlotte is a sweet 4 yr. old Rotweiler mix. She has a bone deformity in her front leg from an old fracture that did not heal properly. She needs to have corrective bone surgery to allow her to have a good quality of life. Please help Charlotte!
Estimated cost: $2,500.00
32 people have donated $2,540.50 
He still needs a forever home!
(Wish 1224)
Meet Jethro!
This 5 yr-old Basset Hound (47803) was rescue by Animal Control after being hit by a car. He was taken directly to the veterinary clinic where he received life-saving treatment. After he was stabilized, he was transferred to the shelter on pain medication so his owner could find him. Unfortunately, no one claimed him. It is too late. Our staff has already fallen in love and named this character. Jethro is full of personality and determination. He is also very broken. To live a normal life, he needs surgery to repair a fractured front leg and pelvis. We already have a foster family to help in his recovery. We only need your financial support to cover costs for the care he has already received and for the complicated surgery he still needs. Thank you.
Estimated cost: $2,100.00
38 people have donated $2,100.00 
(Wish 617)
Sarge Needs Your Help!
Sarge is an English Bulldog that needs throat surgery. His vocal chords are paralyzed and obstructing his airway. Sarge's quality of life would be greatly increased with surgery.
Estimated cost: $2,035.00
37 people have donated $2,055.00 
(Wish 321)
Maxi Needs Your Help
Maxi is an eight-month old terrier mix. Dr. Medlock noticed she was acting strangely and ran some tests. Consultation with a second veterinarian confirmed that Maxi has an hepatic shunt, a condition which allows toxins to build up in her blood. Surgery is her best option. "Surgery provides the best chance for a long, healthy life in most dogs with extrahepatic shunts. If ameroid constrictor placement is performed, survival rate is over 95%. Many dogs are clinically normal within four to eight weeks following surgery." (www.vet.utk.edu) Dr. Dew in Russellville will perform the surgery next Thursday
Estimated cost: $2,000.00
74 people have donated $2,025.00 
Brooklyn is in need of your help.
(Wish 1203)
Brooklyn’s surgery
This beautiful, sweet girl came into our care on Thursday 7/24/2014 after she was reported to be hit by a car. Animal Control Officer Sandor rushed to the scene of the accident and brought her to the vet. Brick Veterinarian Hospital determined that her right hip was dislocated; the left leg was broken and she seemed to be suffering from shock. They recommended that we take her to Garden State Veterinary Specialist for extensive care. She was put on IV’s, her leg was splinted and kept overnight for evaluation. On Friday with no sign of an owner, we picked her up from Garden State Veterinary Specialist and determined what steps we would take next. Here at the Jersey Shore Animal Center, she was given pain medicine, fluids and light food while we waited in hopes of an owner to come for this little girl. On Saturday her owner showed up, but they couldn’t afford to take care of Brooklyn’s medical care. They surrendered her over to the Jersey Shore Animal Center. Knowing that Brooklyn needed surgical care we called some old friends. Dr. Cudia, DVM is performing surgery at Beach Animal Hospital and is being assisted by Dr. Moreau and his staff. This is where the Jersey Shore Animal Center and Brooklyn need your help. We estimate the cost for this extensive surgery will be $2000. Whether you donate $1 to $50; every dollar will help pay for Brooklyn’s surgery. Please help.
Estimated cost: $2,000.00
18 people have donated $376.00 
(Wish 1503)
A Christmas Angel needs your Help!
Sasha is a very sweet 10-month-old lab mix with a serious problem requiring surgery. Sasha has severe hip dysplasia in both hips which means that these joints are malformed. A normal hip is composed of a "ball and socket" which fits together like your hand over your fist. In Sasha's case, the "ball" part of the joint is flattened and the "socket" is very shallow, so instead of the normal fit of these joints, the ball and socket rub on each other and eventually the ball won't stay in the socket at all. This has already happened to one of Sasha's hips and will soon happen in the other hip as well. These abnormal joints will result in severe arthritis, pain, limping and, if left untreated, Sasha will be unable to walk. Sasha has already been evaluated by an orthopedic surgery specialist and needs surgery on both of her hips. This procedure is called a Femoral Head Ostectomy, or FHO for short. This surgery will eliminate the bone rubbing on bone that Sasha currently experiences every time she walks. Following this surgery, a "false joint" will form and Sasha will be able to walk, run and play and, most importantly, she will be pain-free. She will never run a marathon, but most of us will never do so either! Sasha, who is being fostered by Dr. Sue, our own shelter veterinarian, tells us that Sasha loves to cuddle and give kisses, is great with dogs, kitties and kids, is housebroken and well-behaved. A loving dog who deserves a loving home. Please help us to help Sasha. Sasha's surgery will cost $2500, but she deserves this chance. Because someday, she will be an amazing addition to a special family looking for a special dog to share their home. On behalf of Sasha, we thank you.
Estimated cost: $2,000.00
36 people have donated $2,285.00 
Making bath time easier
(Wish 1636)
Grooming Tub
48 inch sturdy walk through 18 gauge 304 type polished stainless steel grooming tub with nonslip steps. This is an essential piece of equipment when housing 40 dogs and 200 cats.
Estimated cost: $2,000.00
28 people have donated $2,000.00 
(Wish 1674)
Corrective Care for Carla. Immediate NEED!
This beautiful young lady is Carla. She is only 2 years old, playful and still puppy-like, but her life has been anything but happy up to this point. During her spay surgery, shelter staff noticed that she had a large healed cut on her tongue and several broken teeth, as well as a strange scar on her shoulder. We sent her off for some Xrays and discovered bullet fragments along with the shattered teeth. This sweet girl had been shot twice, once in the shoulder and once in the head. She not only survived but still loves people! She is probably in almost constant pain and, because of the extensive damage to her jaw and teeth, she will need to see Dr. Dale Kressin at Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists in Oshkosh for surgery. The cost of her surgery is estimated to be at least $2,000. Will you help her, please?
Estimated cost: $2,000.00
48 people have donated $2,040.00 
Sarah 113869
(Wish 2300)
Please Help Veteran's Dog Go Home
On February 13, 2017, a woman struck a dog with her car when it darted out in the street in Hemet CA. The woman called Ramona Humane Society Animal Control for help. The dog was transported to the Small Animal Care Center for immediate medical treatment. A large laceration on a front leg was surgically repaired and radiographs revealed a dislocated hip. The dog received antibiotics, pain management and remained hospitalized awaiting her owner. On February 17, a man and a woman came to the Ramona Humane Society to look for his dog. The woman was a social worker with the Veterans Affairs in Loma Linda. She was helping the recently discharged patient find his lost dog. The veteran tearfully identified his dog at the hospital. The dog was equally excited to see him. This veteran was hospitalized on February 13th. It is assumed that the dog escaped and sought out her owner as she was hit by the car in the vicinity of the hospital. Sarah, the 2 year old Lab mix needs surgery to repair her hip to walk and live a pain-free life. The heavily discounted medical bills, future surgery and follow-up care will cost $2000. The Ramona Humane Society is committed to the goal that no adoptable or treatable shelter animal should be euthanized if the animal can be returned home or adopted into a suitable home but we cannot do this without your assistance. Please donate immediately to help this U.S. Veteran get his companion home where she is loved and cherished. Thank you for helping. Please help spread the word!
Estimated cost: $2,000.00
42 people have donated $2,090.55 
(Wish 2182)
Cat Condo Renovation
We are currently looking to do a major project in one of our cat housing rooms to improve the living quarters of cats coming into the shelter. This project will consist of building a cage around old dog runs and furnish it for each cat’s need. This will greatly improve the living quarters for cats housed in these areas by providing more ground space, vertical space for climbing, allow for multiple cats that are brought into the shelter together to remain in the same living space, and ultimately relieve a great deal of stress! Many cats brought into shelters are limited by the amount of space they are allowed in their cages. This is another way for us help to improve our cat living quarters for the cats that need our help. The cost for this project is $1997.31. We strive every day to improve the quality of life for all animals entering our doors and we would like to make this wish come true for our cats because they all greatly deserve it! Will you help us achieve this wish?
Estimated cost: $1,997.31
6 people have donated $2,250.00 
Meet Amanda
(Wish 2019)
Amanda Needs Your Help!
Amanda is our loving black lab that was surrendered after being hit by a car. Amanda is on her third surgery to help repair a very severe break in her back leg. To ensure that the metal stints in her leg don't create a bridge for bacteria Dr. Metlock changes Amanda's bandages weekly. Without this type of care bacteria would enter her broken bones directly and cause an infection that would mean loosing the leg completely We need your help! Amanda's surgeries are costing over $1,500 and the type of care she needs on her wounds are adding up. Please help us by donating to the cause to help Amanda get rehabilitated and into her forever home.
Estimated cost: $1,800.00
33 people have donated $1,800.00 
(Wish 311)
Princess Needs Surgery for Pain Relief
Princess is a ten year-old cocker spaniel who was brought to us because her owner has dementia and couldn't care for her any more. Princess has several medical issues, but the first thing we must do is schedule her for an ear ablation. This is an expensive, last-resort surgery when all other methods have failed. The surgery will eliminate her pain and recurrent infections--then she will be ready for a new home.
Estimated cost: $1,500.00
59 people have donated $1,562.00 
Ducky on his way back from the veterinarian after his life was saved.
(Wish 1579)
Help Ducky the Doxie continue his Recovery
Ducky was hit by a car and severely injured in October 2014 and is currently in foster care with a pet placement partner. However, Ducky's emergency care and hospitalization was quite expensive, and we are still paying his bills. Please help us pay for the lifesaving procedures that helped save Ducky!
Estimated cost: $1,300.00
Contact: email: animalcontrol@cityofbryant.com phone: 501-943-0489
4 people have donated $70.00 
Junior .. Picture on right Jr getting ready to leave Anti-Cruelty Picture on left, Jr arrival at Lucky E kennel
(Wish 706)
UPDATE !!! Junior's ACL surgery
UPDATE !!!! Junior was pulled by Pets in Need from Anti-Cruelty Chicago on April 24th. No other shelter had had shown any interest in him and his days were numbered. Junior is 3 yrs. old. He has a few medical issues going on. Junior was scheduled for a Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery but we have postponed the surgery because we have not yet raised enough money to help us fund this expensive surgery and we are still searching for a proper home for rehabilitation for Junior because he will need daily exercises and a single story home. Will you please consider helping Junior get healthy and ready for a new life.
Estimated cost: $1,115.00
Contact: Laura Curnett Pets In Need Midwest Post Office Box 58 Ringwood, IL 60072
9 people have donated $206.00 
(Wish 302)
Warrior Needs Your Help
We noticed Warrior wasn't feeling well in the dog park yesterday. His condition worsened, and he had to be rushed to the Emergency Vet last night. His x-rays showed multiple intussusceptions, (bowel telescoping in on itself). Surgery revealed a thin thread from his stomach to his large intestine. The thread was cut and removed. The other end of the thread is still lodged in his esophagus. X Rays aren't showing what it's attached to, so he will have an endoscope today. He's resting well and is being kept pain free. We're committed to seeing him through this.
Estimated cost: $1,000.00
34 people have donated $1,001.00 
Fireball, former sweetheart candidate and mourning the loss of his "forever home"
(Wish 1295)
ICS needs your support to help some kittens in need!
We have had quite a week. We were hoping kitten season would be winding down as our vet bills are getting very high. Then we had some “situations.”

First, we had Opie. Opie is about a 4-6 month old kitten who hopped a ride underneath in someone's truck somewhere along the line during several stops. When the truck reached home, out fell a dirty, disheveled and singed little guy. Miraculously, he seems OK. He is also described as incredibly sweet and lovable.

Next, TWO boxes of kittens and cats came to us, all in bad shape, half suffocated, filthy, and chock full of fleas. So full of fleas that the water ran red with blood from flea bites when they were bathed.

One kitten, Minnow, was thought to have died, but came to. They seem to be doing well at this point.

Another situation is very sad. As you may know, once an ICS cat, always an ICS cat if they need us. This week, 4 did because their beloved adopter passed away, so back to the shelter they came. Pictured is Fireball, who was once a Sweetheart candidate. All 4 are mourning the loss of their friend and their home.

This was just one week! One week when we were already worrying about paying down the vet bills. The returned cats are older, and the young ones have been through a lot. They will need vet care and thorough examinations. So, we're asking anybody who can spare any amount to please help out with a donation. Sharing this message is also helpful, as is spreading the word that all of these new guys need homes badly, as do the cats we already have. We are all very grateful for your support.

Estimated cost: $1,000.00
32 people have donated $1,000.00 
(Wish 1362)
Help Hannah!
Hannah is a sweet and affectionate 6 month old Lab mix. She is going to make a GREAT friend for the people who adopt her, but before then, she needs to have surgery on her knee. Specifically, Hannah needs a cruciate repair on her right rear knee. To make Hannah's knee repair possible, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We want to give this little girl a chance to have a normal, comfortable life full of happiness and love! We are hoping to raise $1,000 to make this happen. Anything you can give will help! Thank you!
Estimated cost: $1,000.00
16 people have donated $550.00 
Miracle #56495
(Wish 1535)
"Miracle" Needs Your Help
This tiny 3 year old female Shihtzu mix came to us as a stray and limping. X-rays revealed a fracture of the left rear leg. This special dog needs surgery to place a pin and repair her leg. Please help Miracle realize her Christmas wish.
Estimated cost: $1,000.00
17 people have donated $665.00 
Jawless Jerry and his AWESOME surgeon.
(Wish 1906)
Jawless Jerry
Before JE received Jawless Jerry, he received some type of trauma to his lower jaw that was not treated. As a result of deterioration, Jawless Jerry had to have the jaw surgically removed. He is doing just fine.
Estimated cost: $1,000.00
6 people have donated $1,000.00 
(Wish 2343)
Please Help with Diesel's Surgery Bill!
Diesel is a sweet and gentle Rottweiler who fell out the back of a truck and was dragged for a while. He had some serious damage to his back legs, especially his toes, some of which had to be removed. His final vet bill is $980. Please help! 100% of your donation will go to pay for his vet bill, and it's tax deductible. We're a 501 (c) (3). Tax number 47-1266046. Thank you!
Estimated cost: $980.00
2 people have donated $1,025.00 
Maggie 70256
(Wish 1893)
Meet Poor Maggie
This darling 8 week old puppy was brought in by a Good Samaritan after being run over by a car. She survived her initial shock and x-rays revealed a fractured rear leg. She needs surgery by the Veterinarian to place a pin for the leg to heal correctly. Please help save this angel!
Estimated cost: $900.00
31 people have donated $900.00 
(Wish 2217)
Surgery needed for Ziva!
Hi there, I’m Ziva! I’m a beautiful, loving lady who needs your help to share my story. I am a three-year-old Rottweiler/Shepherd mix, who originally came to the Bay Area Humane Society as a stray. I have since been adopted several times, but I haven’t had the best luck finding a permanent place to stay. The staff and volunteers here have gotten to know me pretty well, and they all have wonderful things to say about me- ask anyone! I’m calm, friendly, happy, and all I really want is a best friend to share my life with. My favorite thing in the whole world is being outside and going for walks, exploring the outdoors with my favorite humans. During one of these walks recently, the staff and volunteers noticed I wasn’t as excited as I usually am, and I was limping a bit. It was discovered that I have a leg injury called a “torn cruciate ligament” in my left knee. The shelter veterinarian, Dr. Tracy Kusik said this happens from taking a bad step and twisting the knee with the foot planted. In dogs, this is a CCL tear. In humans, this would be an ACL tear. This injury is the most common cause of rear-leg lameness in dogs. If not repaired, the knee joint is unstable. This leads to chronic pain and degenerative joint disease (arthritis) in the knee joint. Dogs who have surgery to stabilize the knee generally do very well and go on to have good use of the leg, and be much more pain free. With that being said, what I can tell you is that it’s not very fun and I need your help to get better so I can get back to those fun walks- maybe even with my forever family! I am going to need surgery and I’m looking forward to spending some time relaxing and healing in a foster home after that. I know there are lots of dog lovers out there who are rooting for me to get better soon- if you’re one of them, could you please spread the word for me? The cost of my surgery is $900. I need dog lovers everywhere to unite and support me- donations from you are going to make my surgery and recovery possible! Whatever you can donate toward Ziva’s medical care is truly appreciated. We look forward to sharing Ziva’s progress with you all as she heals, recovers, and after all of that- finds her forever home!
Estimated cost: $900.00
24 people have donated $900.00 
(Wish 1632)
Schultz can't breath
This little terrier was apparently hit by a car and taken to a local veterinary hospital by Good Samaritan. He was treated for his injuries and has come so far. Unfortunately, no one claimed him. He still needs a specialized surgery to repair a diaphragmatic hernia so he can live a normal life. Please help little Schultz.
Estimated cost: $850.00
29 people have donated $801.00 
(Wish 1266)
Sponsor Billy Jean's Orthopedic Surgery
We have a very special big girl at the shelter who needs a forever home, but she also needs surgery on her leg. She came in with a broken hip and femur, and the veterinarian says it will cost about $800 to repair it. She can walk, but she holds her left rear leg up. We want her to happy and whole again, because she's worth it!
Estimated cost: $800.00
One person has donated $1,000.00 
ID # 54649
(Wish 1603)
Please meet "Iso"
Iso, a 6 month old Siamese kitten came to us limping on his hind leg. X-rays revealed a fractured femur requiring surgery. Please help this special cat realize his dream of a new home and to live normal life.
Estimated cost: $800.00
10 people have donated $800.00 
(Wish 1907)
Chow time
Feeding 40 dogs and 170 cats weekly is a HUGE slice of our budget. JE feeds both the dogs and cats 4 Health (Tractor Supply) dry and wet food. Each week we order 14 cases dog food, 5 (35 lbs.) bags dry dog food, 14 cases cat food, and 8 bags dry cat food.
Estimated cost: $750.00
8 people have donated $750.00 
(Wish 2077)
Please Help With Mac's Surgery
Mac was found as a stray. He was covered in fleas, had severe dry eyes, but worst of all his jaw was broken in three places. The good news is that Dr.Lewis was able to repair it!!! He had his surgery yesterday (December 29th) and he is in foster care recovering. His jaw is screwed and wired in place, and he has an acrylic splint all around his bottom jaw to keep it stable while it heals. Today, he is doing great--eating and drinking with no problems at all (although it's very messy!). He's on antibiotics and pain medicine to keep him comfortable. We couldn't wait to raise the money for his surgery because it was an emergency, but we desperately need to replenish our funds for the next needy furbaby. Please help!
Estimated cost: $750.00
3 people have donated $775.00 
(Wish 295)
Jaxton Has a Broken Femur
Poor Jaxton. Not only is he homeless, but he has a broken right femur too. That's a lot for a three-month old pup to endure. Both problems are fixable, but we need help with his medical bills. He has to go to an orthopedic vet to get his leg pinned, and when he's all better, we will find him a good home!
Estimated cost: $700.00
24 people have donated $756.00 
(Wish 2303)
Immediate Need: Microchip Scanner
We are in need of two scanners here at the shelter. These are used EVERYDAY, multiple times to check pet identification. Unfortunately, these are not cheap, so we are putting it on our wish list to try and help with the cost. These are VERY important to our work here at the shelter, as we use them all the time. They are $333 each (including shipping)
Estimated cost: $666.00
One person has donated $666.00 
(Wish 1482)
Spay/Neuter 12 Kitties
We have 12 new cats/kittens. There is someone who can take and release them, but they must be sterilized first to prevent this from happening again. Please help!
Estimated cost: $660.00
3 people have donated $660.00 
(Wish 306)
Pickles Needs Your Help!
Pickles was hit by a car and is at the Emergency Vet Clinic. She's a two year-old Boston terrier, and she has a fractured femur. We have agreed to pay her vet bill, then she will come to us for adoption when she's healed. Please help us help Pickles!
Estimated cost: $600.00
24 people have donated $612.00 
Lucky after surgery
(Wish 323)
Lucky's eye surgery
Lucky is a 6 month old Labrador mix who came to us from Tennessee with an untreated eye infection. He is now in need of a costly eye removal. Donations received will help pay for his surgery ***.Update... Lucky had his Eye Enucleation surgery on 1-10-14 .. He now is recuperating at a foster home & doing very well .
Estimated cost: $600.00
Contact: Laura Curnett Pets In Need Midwest office:815-728-1462 cell:815-382-1160
10 people have donated $600.00 
(Wish 401)
Make The Shelter Better For Cats!
It has been a dream for all of us at the shelter for some time to make our space more exciting for cats! To do this we would like to build a Cattery! What's a Cattery you say? The Cattery we would like to build is an outdoor tube-like enclosure for cats to get fresh air and feel sunshine while still being safely connected to the shelter! With the Cattery would come indoor cat-sized stairs running up and down the walls so the cats can be up high and have more to explore! We believe these things will enrich their lives! Now we just need your help. We are asking for $600 to make this dream a reality!
Estimated cost: $600.00
9 people have donated $600.00 
Blue had her surgery and has been adopted to a new forever family.Thanks to all of you that made this possible.
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Sweet Blue needs your help!
She has a severe eye problem. Entropion is a medical condition in which the eyelid folds inward. It is very uncomfortable, as the eyelashes constantly rub against the cornea causing severe irritation and injury to the eye. A local animal hospital has reduced their surgical fees to help Blue have a normal comfortable life. After surgery, Blue may need fostering before she can be adopted into a forever home.
Estimated cost: $600.00
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Save Ducky!
Ducky, also known as ‘Lucky Ducky’, is a tiny bobtail kitten. This poor little girl has had a rough start in life! Ducky has some stomach problems which cause her to have a hard time pooping. This also gives Ducky her adorable waddling walk which earned her that name. We’re desperate to save Ducky! So much so that the shelter has already paid for an expensive surgery to help Ducky’s digestion, and that’s just the beginning! Ducky will require medication for the foreseeable future. We need your help! We are asking for $600 to give Ducky a chance at life.
Estimated cost: $600.00
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Give Polly a Chance!
Polly first came to us in 2012 from a hoarder house. She was adopted shortly after, but then returned to us in 2013 as part of an animal welfare case. She stayed at the shelter for a very long 4 months until that case was resolved. During that time, Polly charmed all of us at the shelter with her sweet demeanor. Despite her uncomfortable upbringing, Polly loves people! After her long stay with us, she became available for adoption and was quickly scooped up towards the end of 2013. A couple weeks ago, Polly arrived at the shelter AGAIN. This time there was something wrong with her back left leg, and we were informed that she had been hit by a car in January. Her leg never healed properly, still causes her pain, and makes walking difficult. Our vet told us that she needs surgery to repair the leg. We're asking for $600 to make this surgery possible and give Polly the comfortable, happy life that she deserves! No kitty should have to go through this much hardship.
Estimated cost: $600.00
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Please save this puppy! (new photo)
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Mickey #48476
We have had quite a few injured animals come into the shelter lately . Thanks to your help, we were able to get these fantastic orphan animals the medical attention they needed to live and find new homes. Our latest, Mickey, a very special 6-month old Malti-poo, came to us with a injured rear leg. It was determined he needs surgery to make the leg useful and pain-free. Please help us save the life of an another deserving pet.
Estimated cost: $600.00
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Help Gumby Get Better!
Gumby was brought to the shelter with what was clearly a badly broken front leg. After a visit with the vet we learned that his leg had most likely broken a long time ago and healed in a crooked position. Now Gumby can't use his paw to walk on and has to put weight on the broken part of his leg. Because the break healed a long time ago, he's not in extreme pain, but will never be able to walk normally. Gumby's best option is to amputate the leg and then continue his life as a happy three legged kitty! Aside from his medical issues, Gumby is perfect! He's sweet and loving despite his discomfort. We are hoping to raise $600 to turn him into a comfortable tri-pawed cat! Any way you can help is appreciated!
Estimated cost: $600.00
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Please Help with Rey's Surgery!
This sweet, tiny girl was run over by a truck, and her pelvis is broken in three places. She has an excellent prognosis with surgery, and who can say no to that little face?
Estimated cost: $600.00
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Victoria 71948
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Victoria deserves a second chance!
Beautiful 6 yo Victoria came to the shelter with a severely fractured rear leg. The Veterinarian is treating her conservatively with a cast instead of surgery. We need donations for her on-going medical care and a foster family to help her recuperate. When she is healed, she will need a fur-ever home. Please help this lady! Call (951) 654- 8002 ex 234 for foster information.
Estimated cost: $550.00
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